Sending a letter is a marketing opportunity. Don’t waste it by using cheap business stationery, or worse, messy letterhead generated by a laser or inkjet printer. Most communications between professionals and their clients and potential clients now take place over the phone or via email. So when you have the chance to send a business letter, send it in a way that subtly says you are a reliable professional. Spectrum’s business stationery printing and design services enable you to present your written communications in a way that promises excellent services. Spectrum offers a complete selection of fine stationery papers and graphic styles for offset and engraved stationery.




Better business cards start with a change in thinking about what a business card is. Yes, it has your name and contact information, but why can’t it be more? Why can’t it do more to promote your business?

Business cards are an effective networking and advertising tool. Business cards not only make the first impression for you and your business, but they are also an inexpensive and useful marketing tool. People today are leveraging all the space on the card, including the back. Think about it. With twice the printed area, you can take your message to an entirely new level.  Add something that would be useful to people who get your card. Make it something they’ll want to hold on to.

  • Restaurant owners: Add a tipping chart on the back of your card.
  • How about a mini menu in addition to that tipping chart.
  • Hard-to-find business: Add a small map with directions.
  • Have a big event coming up? Add a calendar or reminder.
  • Real estate agents: Add a measurements chart.


  • Add a kitchen tip or tool and turn your card into a refrigerator magnet.
  • Give more details of an upcoming event along with the reminder.
  • Tell a story or give a testimonial. Add a photograph.
  • Provide a bit of advice, a how-to tip, or a top 10 list.
  • Add marketing copy, coupon codes, maps – anything at all!

If you would like more ideas that are cost-effective and versatile, call the professionals at Spectrum. We will take your corporate identity and tie it into a unique business card design that you will be proud to get into the hands of your clients. Contact Spectrum today and let our design team create an elegant business card for you.